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the tendency to act without adequately assessing context



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  • cognitive control
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    Tasks that are asserted to measure impulsivity

    Task Contrast Measure

    Information Sampling Task
    • probability of the participant's decision being correct based on the available evidence at the time of the decision

    Dickman Impulsivity Inventory
    • functional vs dysfunctional impulsivity

    UPPS-P Impulsivity Scale
    • impulsivity

    Barratt Impulsiveness Scale
    • impulsiveness

    I7 impulsiveness and venturesomeness questionnaire
    • impulsivity

    Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire: Control vs. Impulsivity Scale
    • score on control-vs.-impulsivity traits

    Early Childhood Behavioral Questionnaire
    • impulsivity

    Children's Psychiatric Rating Scale
    • impulsivity

    big five questionnaire
    • emotional instability

    adolescent symptom inventory
    • ADHD Hyperactivity / Impulsivity - Severity Score

    matching familiar figures test
    • response time * accuracy compared to median

    Cambridge Gambling Task
    • decision making latency in ascending versus descending betting condition

    test of variables of attention
    • target frequent commission

    sustained attention to response task
    • speed versus accuracy

    delayed memory task
    • commission errors (false alarms)

    immediate memory task
    • commission errors (false alarms)


    Two models of impulsivity: relationship to personality traits and psychopathology.
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