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Participants see ten boxes at the top of a screen, each of which is red or blue in some ratio. Under one of these boxes is a token, and participants must guess whether the token is under red or blue. On a gambling trial, participants can select some proportion of their allotted points to bet on their judgement.



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Experimental conditions are the subsets of an experiment that define the relevant experimental manipulation.


In the Cognitive Atlas, we define a contrast as any function over experimental conditions. The simplest contrast is the indicator value for a specific condition; more complex contrasts include linear or nonlinear functions of the indicator across different experimental conditions.

response time
correct answers

An indicator is a specific quantitative or qualitative variable that is recorded for analysis. These may include behavioral variables (such as response time, accuracy, or other measures of performance) or physiological variables (including genetics, psychophysiology, or brain imaging data).


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