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a collaborative knowledge base characterizing the state of current thought in Cognitive Science.
The top-down modulation of cognitive processes based on higher-order representations such as goals or plans.


executive control, executive function

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cognitive control
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cognitive control
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Tasks that are asserted to measure cognitive control

Task Contrast Measure

digit span task
  • backward

behavioral rating inventory of executive function
  • Negativity Scale

Trail Making Test A and B
  • ANOVA of time by age group

WISC-R Mazes
  • participant score minus average score

Wisconsin card sorting test
  • Total number of categories acheived

Porteus maze test
  • mental age (difficulty) of maze

WAIS Digit Span
  • number in correct order
  • number correct backward

Conners 3rd Edition
  • executive functioning

NIH Toolbox Dimensional Change Card Sort Test
  • correct

  • amount consumed

  • subject score minus population-matched average score

Mini Mental State Examination
  • participant score minus average score

underlining test
  • # correct minus # incorrect/30 or 60 seconds

attention networks test
  • Incongruent minus congruent: Conflict / Executive network efficiency

One Touch Stockings of Cambridge
  • number of moves required to complete task

self ordered pointing task
  • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls

divided auditory attention
  • response time and accuracy


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