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updating CONCEPT

The revision or refreshing of information that is maintained in working memory

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

is a kind of

  • cognitive control
  • updating
    is a part of

  • working memory
  • are a kind of

  • working memory updating
  • are a part of

    No associations

    Tasks that are asserted to measure updating

    Task Contrast Measure

    Sternberg Recent Probes
    • recalling ability

    directed forgetting task
    • recalling ability

    adaptive n-back task
    • correct matching

    object one-back task
    • target 1-back minus 0-back
    • all

    dual-task weather prediction
    • dual-task tone counting probe
    • dual task classification learning trials

    word one-back task
    • consonant strings
    • objects
    • scrambled objects
    • words

    working memory fMRI task paradigm
    • 2-back Tool
    • 2-back Place
    • 2-back Face
    • 2-back Body

    n-back task
    • 3-back minus 1-back

    keep-track task
    • accuracy of subject minus average accuracy of controls