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anxiety CONCEPT

An aversive psychophysiological state characterized by fear, worry, or concern associated with current or impending threat often elicited by general and specific interoceptive or exteroceptive cues.

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  • emotion
  • anxiety
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    are a kind of

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure anxiety

    Task Contrast Measure

    Frustration in Timed Backwards Math
    • behavior indicating frustration

    Anxiety Sensitivity Index - 3 (ASI-3)
    • anxiety

    Conners 3rd Edition
    • anxiety

    Children's Psychiatric Rating Scale
    • anxious

    Child Behavior Checklist
    • anxiety problems

    brief symptom inventory
    • anxiety

    adolescent symptom inventory
    • Separation Anxiety - Severity Score
    • General Anxiety Disorder - Severity Score

    NPU-threat test
    • no cue U–no cue N

    meditation task
    • meditation versus control theta oscillations