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Top down modulation of cognitive processes in anticipation of future goals or task demands. Often involves reaction time slowing

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proactive control
is a kind of

  • cognitive control
  • proactive control
    is a part of

  • performance monitoring
  • are a kind of
    proactive control

    No associations
    are a part of
    proactive control

  • goal maintenance
  • anticipation
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure proactive control

    Task Contrast Measure

    dot pattern expectancy task
    • valid versus invalid

    stimulus selective stop signal task
    • stopping ability

    stop signal task with pseudo word naming
    • go trial

    stop signal task with letter naming
    • Go trial

    stop signal task
    • successful stop trial
    • failed stop
    • go trial

    conditional stop signal task
    • failed stop-noncritical
    • failed stop-critical
    • successful stop-critical
    • go-noncritical
    • go-critical minus go-noncritical