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A task in which multiple (typically two) stimuli are presented simultaneously and the subject must select the stimulus that matches the currently relevant rule. The relevant rule alternates or "shifts" among multiple (typically two) rules. The rule represents the relevant task "dimension". The stimulus-response mappings are unique and constant within each possible rule dimension.

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Experimental conditions are the subsets of an experiment that define the relevant experimental manipulation.


You must specify conditions before you can define contrasts.

In the Cognitive Atlas, we define a contrast as any function over experimental conditions. The simplest contrast is the indicator value for a specific condition; more complex contrasts include linear or nonlinear functions of the indicator across different experimental conditions.

number of patterns identified
number of trials taken to correctly identify new pattern

An indicator is a specific quantitative or qualitative variable that is recorded for analysis. These may include behavioral variables (such as response time, accuracy, or other measures of performance) or physiological variables (including genetics, psychophysiology, or brain imaging data).


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