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orienting for targets in an array or a natural scene, through both covert and overt shifts in attention; this is different from the visual search task in that it refers to a general phenomenon and not to a paradigm.

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visual search
is a kind of

  • search
  • visual search
    is a part of

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    are a kind of
    visual search

  • feature search
  • conjunction search
  • are a part of
    visual search

  • attention
  • salience
  • Gestalt grouping
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure visual search

    Task Contrast Measure

    match to sample visual search
    • number correct

    contextual cueing task
    • number of distractors

    Color Trails Test
    • target - distractor

    visual pursuit/tracking
    • path of eye movements

    visual attention task
    • path of eye movements

    underlining test
    • # correct minus # incorrect/30 or 60 seconds

    Trail Making Test A and B
    • ANOVA of time by age group

    same-different task
    • Overall accuracy of participant minus average accuracy