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two-stage process in which attention is distributed uniformly over the external visual scene and processing of information is performed in parallel, attention is then concentrated to a specific area of the visual scene (i.e. it is focused), and processing is performed in a serial fashion.

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visual attention
is a kind of

  • attention
  • visual attention
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    are a kind of
    visual attention

  • spatial attention
  • are a part of
    visual attention

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure visual attention

    Task Contrast Measure

    visuospatial cueing task
    • reaction time to incongruent cues minus reaction time to congruent cues

    visual pursuit/tracking
    • d' (difference between correct identifications and false alarms)

    visual attention task
    • reaction time after some manipulation minus reaction time at baseline

    rapid serial object transformation
    • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls
    • ERP strength minus baseline

    fixation task
    • degree of eye movement