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is a theoretical component of Coltheart's dual-route reading model that refers to using spelling-to-sound correspondences to convert a written word (i.e. orthography) into a spoken word (i.e. phonology). In other words, it is the route by which letters are linked to their sounds and the sounds are assembled into a whole word pronunciation. It complements the lexical route where the whole word is recognized and linked to its sound.

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sublexical route
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sublexical route
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    sublexical route

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    sublexical route

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure sublexical route

    Task Contrast Measure

    writing task
    • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls


    DRC: a dual route cascaded model of visual word recognition and reading aloud.
    Coltheart M, Rastle K, Perry C, Langdon R, Ziegler J
    (Psychol Rev)
    2001 Jan