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a collaborative knowledge base characterizing the state of current thought in Cognitive Science.
long-established knowledge about objects, facts, and word meanings.

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

semantic knowledge
is a kind of

  • long-term memory
  • semantic knowledge
    is a part of

  • language
  • are a kind of
    semantic knowledge

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    are a part of
    semantic knowledge

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure semantic knowledge

    Task Contrast Measure

    PDD Behavior Inventory
    • semantic/pragmatic problems

    Children's Communication Checklist
    • semantics

    naming (overt)
    • areas of activation during task minus baseline

    naming (covert)
    • areas of activation during task minus baseline

    word-picture verification task
    • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls

    Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised
    • Picture Completion
    • Similarities
    • Comprehension
    • Information

    Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence
    • Similarities

    category fluency test
    • total correct responses for all categories


    The anatomy of semantic knowledge: medial vs. lateral temporal lobe.
    Levy DA, Bayley PJ, Squire LR
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A)
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