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the way human beings process speech or writing and understand it as language.

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language processing
is a kind of

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language processing
is a part of

  • language
  • are a kind of
    language processing

  • sentence processing
  • language comprehension
  • are a part of
    language processing

  • phonological processing
  • reading
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure language processing

    Task Contrast Measure

    Mullen Scales of Early Learning
    • receptive language

    Graded Naming Test
    • number correct

    nonword repetition task
    • nonword length (number of syllables)

    braille reading task
    • areas of activation while reading words or sentences minus reading control dots

    pseudoword naming task
    • response time to pseudowords minus response time to words
    • Response time to morphologically non-decomposable pseudowords minus response time to morphologically decomposable psuedowords

    letter fluency test
    • standard deviation from the mean population score in the language of the participant