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in linguistics, a flexible process of preparation pertaining to grammatical structure of clauses, occurring both before and during production thereof

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conceptual planning
is a kind of

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conceptual planning
is a part of

  • speech production
  • are a kind of
    conceptual planning

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    are a part of
    conceptual planning

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure conceptual planning

    Task Contrast Measure

    WISC-R Mazes
    • participant score minus average score


    From a concept to a word in a syntactically complete sentence: An fMRI study on spontaneous language production in an overt picture description task.
    Grande M, Meffert E, Schoenberger E, Jung S, Frauenrath T, Huber W, Hussmann K, Moormann M, Heim S
    NeuroImage (Neuroimage)
    2012 Apr 5