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learning process in which two or more items or concepts become associated with each other; often used in relation to learned stimulus-response associations

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

association learning
is a kind of

  • implicit learning
  • association learning
    is a part of

  • instrumental conditioning
  • are a kind of
    association learning

  • pavlovian conditioning
  • are a part of
    association learning

    No associations

    Tasks that are asserted to measure association learning

    Task Contrast Measure

    associative memory encoding task
    • remembered plus forgotten minus null events

    Leiter International Performance Scale
    • associative delayed memory
    • associative memory

    • reponse to US1 versus response to US2

    trace conditioning
    • trace interval duration

    delay conditioning
    • CS-US interval

    paired associate recall
    • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls

    pavlovian conditioning task
    • conditional response