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a neuropsychological test sensitive to brain damage, dementia, age and depression; consists of (e.g. nine) digit-symbol pairs (e.g. 1/-,2/┴ ... 7/Λ,8/X,9/=) followed by a list of digits. Under each digit the subject should write down the corresponding symbol as fast as possible. The number of correct symbols within the allowed time (e.g. 90 or 120 sec) is measured.

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digit/symbol coding test has been asserted to measure the following CONCEPTS
as measured by the contrast:

as measured by the contrast:

as measured by the contrast:

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IMPLEMENTATIONS of digit/symbol coding test
Configurable web-based test paradigm to map symbols to digits. Each digit is assigned to key
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Experimental conditions are the subsets of an experiment that define the relevant experimental manipulation.


In the Cognitive Atlas, we define a contrast as any function over experimental conditions. The simplest contrast is the indicator value for a specific condition; more complex contrasts include linear or nonlinear functions of the indicator across different experimental conditions.

number of correct symbols

An indicator is a specific quantitative or qualitative variable that is recorded for analysis. These may include behavioral variables (such as response time, accuracy, or other measures of performance) or physiological variables (including genetics, psychophysiology, or brain imaging data).


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