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The process by which information that is currently relevant in the mind is replaced by other information. This information is typically sensory in nature but may also be semantic.

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attention shifting
is a kind of

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attention shifting
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are a kind of
attention shifting

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are a part of
attention shifting

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Tasks that are asserted to measure attention shifting

Task Contrast Measure

Early Childhood Behavioral Questionnaire
  • attentional shifting

autism spectrum quotient
  • attention switching

attention switching task
  • shift-related incorrect responses

attention networks test
  • Central cue minus Spatial cue: Orienting / Shifting network efficiency

visuospatial cueing task
  • reaction time to incongruent cues minus reaction time to congruent cues

visual attention task
  • reaction time after some manipulation minus reaction time at baseline

  • switch trial - repeat trial = switch cost

rapid serial object transformation
  • accuracy during task minus accuracy of some baseline test (e.g. only one pattern)
  • ERP strength minus baseline

Posner cueing task
  • incongruent response time - congruent response time

intradimensional shift task
  • accuracy of subject minus average accuracy of controls

extradimensional shift task
  • accuracy of subject minus average accuracy of controls
  • average number of trials per pattern change