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The ability to maintain visual information online for a limited time interval (~ 4 sec). This information is not stored permanently.

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visual working memory
is a kind of

  • visual memory
  • visual working memory
    is a part of

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    are a kind of
    visual working memory

  • visual imagery
  • are a part of
    visual working memory

  • visuospatial sketch pad
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure visual working memory

    Task Contrast Measure

    visual attention task
    • d' (difference between correct identifications and false alarms)

    orthographic discrimination
    • average accuracy of controls minus accuracy of participant

    oculomotor delayed response
    • sensory modality

    object-discrimination task
    • accuracy of participant minus average accuracy of controls
    • d' (difference between correct identifications and false alarms)

    face n-back task
    • identity detection
    • emotion detection

    block tapping test
    • percent correct (number of correct sequences/number of total sequences)