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the ability for a person to connect emotional states to themselves and others and understand that other people may have different beliefs, desires, or intentions from one's self. It is intimately connected with the development of a person's ability to analyze and interpret the intentions of others.



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Asserted relationships to other concepts

theory of mind
is a kind of

  • social cognition
  • theory of mind
    is a part of

  • joint attention
  • are a kind of
    theory of mind

  • animacy perception
  • are a part of
    theory of mind

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure theory of mind

    Task Contrast Measure

    why/how task
    • [why hand minus how nonsocial] minus [why nonsocial minus how hand]
    • [why face minus how nonsocial] minus [why nonsocial minus how face]
    • why hand minus how hand
    • why face minus how face
    • why minus how

    false belief task
    • false belief question minus false picture question

    Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales Development Profile
    • understanding

    theory of mind task
    • average score minus participant's score

    deception task
    • accuracy
    • object occlusion and misinformation scores