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memory of autobiographical events (times, places, associated emotions, and other contextual knowledge) that can be explicitly stated.

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Asserted relationships to other concepts

episodic memory
is a kind of

  • declarative memory
  • episodic memory
    is a part of

  • consciousness
  • are a kind of
    episodic memory

  • source memory
  • autobiographical memory
  • are a part of
    episodic memory

  • autonoesis
  • semantic memory
  • Tasks that are asserted to measure episodic memory

    Task Contrast Measure

    episodic recombination paradigm
    • past

    Penn Word Memory Test
    • number of correct rejections

    Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Task
    • # of words recalled

    NIH Toolbox Picture Sequence Memory Test
    • number of adjacent pairs correct

    delayed recall test
    • number of correctly recalled items

    episodic recall
    • number of correct identifications