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A state in which the focus of attention is spread across more than one object or event.

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divided attention
is a kind of

  • attention
  • divided attention
    is a part of

  • lateral masking
  • are a kind of
    divided attention

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    are a part of
    divided attention

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    Tasks that are asserted to measure divided attention

    Task Contrast Measure

    Leiter International Performance Scale
    • divided attention

    selective attention task
    • accuracy with a single stimuli or congruent stimuli minus accuracy with competing stimuli
    • response time with competing stimuli minus response time with a single stimuli or congruent stimuli

    Salthouse and Babcock Listening Span task
    • listening comprehension with listening span task minus listening comprehension without
    • listening span with comprehension questions minus listening span without

    rapid serial object transformation
    • accuracy during task minus accuracy of some baseline test (e.g. only one pattern)
    • ERP strength minus baseline

    letter number sequencing
    • longest correct sequence of controls minus longest correct sequence of subject